alan goldberg photographer

About Alan

My passion for taking photos started as a young child.  It was only when I graduated college and purchased my first 35mm SLR camera that I really got down to the business of learning photography.  One of my mentors told me if I wanted to get good at this I should "shoot and shoot and shoot" and so I did.  During one of these years I took well over 25,000 frames.  After I got the technical learning accomplished I proceeded to focus on composition.  Composition I learned is innate.  You either have it or you don't.  In our mind's eye we see things the way we want them to be and not necessarily how they are.  It was during the last 30 plus years that I had to learn to take what was in front of me and turn it into art for the untrained eye.​What you see one these pages is only some of my best work.  Being a lover of nature and the outdoors my focus is everything from the very small to the largest of landscapes.​All of my work is for sale in various sizes ranging from 3' x 5" to 24" x 36".  Not all photos are available in all sizes.  Prices are available on request.